The Awake Network is an online community that gathers around the world’s leading wisdom-teachers and thought-leaders on mindfulness, resilience, wisdom, strength, compassion, kindness, good humor, and impassioned living, making sure these teachings are available for free, so they benefit us all.

We’ve hosted summits on mindfulness and science, relationships, work, home life, and the specific applications of mindfulness in education and healthcare. While mindfulness practice begins with caring for ourselves in this moment, it quickly expands to include others, our relationships, our livelihood, environment, and our local and broader society. That’s why it’s The Awake Network’s core offering.

But mindfulness is just the beginning. And where to go next is an open question that we want to explore with you, our community.


Kaleigh Isaacs | Founder

Kaleigh Isaacs is the Founder of The Awake Network. She’s an inspired leader, remarkable collaborator, and spontaneous dancer. She sees connections everywhere, and it was this vision on which The Awake Network was founded. That we are stronger together is a motto that goes without saying for her.

Jessie Thomas | Event Production Manager

Jessie Thomas is the Event Production Manager for The Awake Network. From brainstorming ideas for new events to fine-tuning those last small details, she’s making sure all the pieces come together. Jessie is a creator of adventures, a planner, and a dreamer. You’ll often find her on the side of a mountain or on her yoga mat, and sometimes even both. Believing that each of us have something to offer the world, Jessie is determined to use her gifts to empower others.

Hannah Carlton | Head of Design and Development

Hannah Carlton, our Tech Queen, is the Head of Design and Development for The Awake Network. She is the master of all things tech and creative, from colors and designs to code and website building, and has an impressive background in computer programming. Optimist, songbird (and occasional living room trombone virtuoso), Hannah is a dedicated yogi, adventurous home baker, and lover of all things out in the sunshine. She believes that mornings are better with coffee, and couches are better with a cat. Hannah is disciplined and cheerful, a balance she has us all trying to emulate.

Stephen Martin-Rolsky | Head of User Experience

Stephen Martin-Rolsky is Head of User Experience at The Awake Network. His earnest, caring ethics keep the team mission focused. A man of constant curiosity and wonder, Stephen is a scuba diver, intrepid explorer, and will always lobby for the work meeting to occur over a nice light hike up the Flat Irons, and whether hiking or in the office, his pup Nasa is always at his side. Stephen’s unique mind is always finding the new systems and software that enable us to best care for our community.

David Prichard | Manager of Partnerships and Community Relations

David Prichard is the Manager of Partnerships and Community Relations for The Awake Network. He is a new father, reader-of-poetry, and reformed spendthrift (still in progress). David values high mountain oolongs, French berets and carrés, the disciplines of dress and taste, and the traditions of good conduct and exchange. Most dear to him is the belief that we can create large and small societies of goodness, and cultures of care and delight, and that’s exactly what David is accomplishing as The Awake Network’s relationship builder.

Travis Newbill | Writer and Marketing Associate

Travis Newbill earned his MFA in creative writing and poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. He is the author of many poems, this bio, and innumerable sentences for The Awake Network which all basically say the same thing: I hope this helps. Travis lives in Santa Cruz.

Megan Volckening | Event Producer

Megan Volckening is an Event Producer for The Awake Network. She has been practicing meditation for nearly 20 years and takes every moment as it comes as an opportunity to explore and grow. She loves playing with clay, dancing with her husband and enjoying nature. Here at The Awake Network, Megan offers vision, detailed support, and camaraderie to make our events a practice in mindfulness and community not just for our online network, but for our staff, too! Megan is also pursuing her M.A. in clinical psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Jason Lee Segal | Videographer

Jason is our lead Videographer. For our in-person summit interviews and all other things video, he brings a mobile video & audio studio and a creative and artistic eye to create high quality content. He cares about making mindfulness content both informational and accessible. When he’s not behind the camera, you can find Jason producing hip-hop beats, writing screenplays, or walking the beaches of southern California.

Rachel Becker | Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant

Rachel Becker is the Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant for the Awake Network. She is responsible for designing color schemes and logos and building a cohesive visual home for the online events to live. When she’s not moving things around in Photoshop, she’s probably wandering outside smelling juniper trees. An artist and Earth-worshipper at heart, Rachel loves to express ideas and make all kinds of things using “trash” and repurposed materials. She is honored to be part of The Awake Network and the many opportunities it creates for healing and growth in the world.