The Mindful Healthcare Summit is an annual online resource created to support medical professionals in bringing mindfulness into their healthcare settings. It provides up-to-date information in the field of mindfulness in healthcare and provides tools for a healthy work-life balance using mindfulness and compassion practices.

The Mindful Living Summit is an online series to learn about the practice of mindfulness, and acquire useful tools and next steps for applying mindfulness and compassion to your daily life.

The Mindful Education Summit is an online resource created to support educators and those working with kids and adolescents to learn mindfulness and compassion practices for youth, the research behind these tools, and how to successfully implement it into schools. It features 30+ leading experts, and attracted over 52,000 teachers, administrators, parents, and mental health professionals for the 2019 annual event.

The Mindful Healthcare Summit is a resource that brings together leading neuroscience researchers, mindfulness experts, and dedicated medical professionals who are bringing mindfulness and compassion into in their healthcare systems, universities, hospitals, and communities. From these experts you’ll evidence-based practices to improve patient care, support personal well-being and help address systemic challenges within the healthcare system.

The Wise Woman Summit is a 5-day series that brings together a community of women to celebrate women’s stories and experiences. We cover themes of living with authenticity and presence, speaking up to injustice, and appreciating the many expressions of what it means to be a woman. You’ll discover tools for embracing your own wisdom with 19 amazing speakers.

The Mindful Education Summit is for educators, parents, and anyone who wants to teach mindfulness to the next generation using the best practices, and for everyone who wants to explore how to create more calm, presence, and resilience in their own life. Hear inspiring talks and daily practices from 25+ world-renowned teachers.

Mindful Living Week is 7-day event exploring practices that encourage focus, calm, resilience, and connection to support living with intention and integrity in our homes, relationships, work, and wider world. Full of inspiring insights and practices, we’ll look at how to live a more mindful and fulfilling life with over 25 world-renowned teachers.

The Mindful Relationship Summit explores the insights and practical tools for building healthy relationships with ourselves, others, and our world. Learn how to create more loving, passionate, honest, and resilient relationships from 20+ relationship experts, mindfulness teachers, and psychologists.

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