3 Short Practices for Generating Warmth and Compassion

If you tend to be unfairly harsh towards yourself or others, these techniques in compassion meditation may come in handy. They take just a few minutes to learn, and can be done, in essence, in a matter of seconds. 

While all the practices are meant to increase a sense of warmth and expansiveness of the heart, the variety of emphases among the practices make them more applicable to different situations. So, as time allows, you may as well add all of them to your repertoire. 

May you be safe, happy, healthy, and live with ease—and may you enjoy these videos.

Give and Receive Compassionate Strength with Kelly McGonigal, PhD

Compassion for Another with Frank Ostaseski

The Circle of Caring with Daniel Goleman, PhD

Travis Newbill earned his MFA in creative writing and poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. He is the author of many poems & innumerable sentences for The Awake Network which all basically say the same thing: I hope this helps. Travis lives in Santa Cruz.