[Video] Dr. Reena Kotecha on Emotional Regulation for Healthcare Professionals

To support healthcare professionals who face a range of challenging experiences on a daily basis, I’m reaching out today to re-connect you all with our friend Dr. Reena Kotecha, who you may remember from previous Mindful Healthcare events. 

In this free 5-minute video, Dr. Reena shares evidence-based insight into the importance and effectiveness of emotional regulation in reducing the intensity and duration of uncomfortable feelings, without suppressing or denying.  She then goes on to share a specific practice called “affect labeling” that you can apply in your own life and work right away.

Learn In-Depth with Dr. Reena Kotecha

We’d also like to let you know about an opportunity to participate in Dr. Reena’s online course dedicated to the wellbeing of healthcare professionals!

Mindful in Healthcare: The Wellbeing & Performance Course for Healthcare Professionals is a self-paced, evidenced-based online course created for clinicians by clinicians. It’s packed with videos, guided meditations, reflective exercises, downloadable infographic handouts and experiences from the ‘humans of healthcare’, to help you to thrive in clinical practice.

Through 7 comprehensive modules you will optimize your well-being and supercharge your concentration whilst increasing your productivity and performance. The course is packed with tools to help you manage symptoms of stress and optimize your mental health. Your patients will benefit too from improved patient communication through active listening and empathy; enhanced clinical decision-making by improving your focus and attention; and increased job satisfaction by finding meaning and purpose in your work. You’ll also come away equipped with strategies to improve team dynamics and relationships.

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About Reena Kotecha

Dr. Reena Kotecha (MBBS BSc Hons Ayu Dip) is a medical physician trained