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Module Four: Wisdom and Compassion

Module Four Overview: Wisdom and Compassion What can secular mindfulness learn from American Buddhist mindfulness, and what can American Buddhist mindfulness learn from secular mindfulness? There are demonstrable changes that come about because of mindfulness practice, but it's important to understand that those changes don't happen because we're trying to change ourselves. Instead, by doing [...]

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Module Three: Clarity and Insight

Module Three Overview: Clarity and Insight This module explores the development of how mindfulness relates to traditional Buddhist insight practices. As mindfulness has come to the West, some of the essential elements associated with Buddhist meditation have been left behind. An analogy presented in this module shows how mindfulness can focus and settle the mind [...]

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Module Two: Calm Abiding and Clear Comprehension

Module Two Overview: Calm Abiding and Clear Comprehension This module introduces the roots of Buddhist mindfulness. The focus of this module is especially on the Buddha’s experience, sitting under the tree of enlightenment, practicing, and then teaching mindfulness. It outlines one of his early teachings on paying attention to the breath as a key foundational [...]

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Module One: Mindfulness in America

Module One Overview: Mindfulness in America How did mindfulness develop as a movement, particularly in certain parts of Europe and the United States? Many people today in these regions are practicing mindfulness and there are many publications, books, podcasts, and websites advocating mindful practices. Where did "mindfulness" come from and how did it really develop [...]

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