[Video] Two Guided Self-Compassion Practices for Healing Shame

During our recent training on Compassion-Based Approaches for Working with Shame, Kristin Neff, PhD, and Chris Germer, PhD, each shared a guided practice during their opening keynote that the community found incredibly helpful.

As many people requested recordings for these practices — Chris’s “Radical Homecoming” and Kristin’s “Self-Compassion Break for Shame” — we’re happy to be offering those here today! And, for those who may find it helpful, we’re including a script for the Radical Homecoming practice as well.

These practices have been excerpted from a complete training on
Compassion-Based Approaches for Working With Shame.
The Full Recording Package is Available Here >>

Self-Compassion Break for Shame with Kristin Neff, PhD

Radical Homecoming with Chris Germer, PhD

Radical Homecoming Practice Script


  • Welcome home…
  • Welcome home to this moment, the only moment of time that we really have. 
  • Welcome home to your body, and no other body, without which you would not be here today 
  • And welcome home to the many parts of your body, all of which are trying their best to promote your wishes and aspirations. 
  • Welcome home to your emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant, all of which are constantly trying to teach you something you need to know. 
  • Welcome home to the emotion of shame, the most difficult human emotion which is also a pure expression of the human wish to be loved. 
  • Welcome home to your wish to be loved—the invisible thread that makes sure you stay connected even when everything else falls apart. 
  • Welcome home to your vulnerability—which is an essential truth of human experience, even when it scares you. 
  • Welcome home to woundedness—personal and cultural, across time and space, the invisible substrate upon which every human life unfolds. 
  • Welcome home to your fierceness—the strong arm that protects you from harm and, when necessary, demands equality and fairness. 
  • Welcome home to forgiveness and mercy—the ultimate medicine for human ignorance and human frailty, always available when you’re ready to forgive. 
  • Welcome home to self-forgiveness and self-mercy, because the misdeeds of others have also taken residence within us since birth. 
  • Welcome home to your many identities, including those that have been overlooked or devalued by others. They are all precious and worthy of celebration. 
  • Welcome home to your hidden identities, your hidden parts, who yearn to be loved, and to be set free.
  • Welcome home to your journey to freedom, and to this particular moment, as unfinished as it is. 
  • Welcome to your yearning to be free, to the ache of feeling unfinished, of being incomplete. 
  • And welcome home to compassion, the power that surrounds us all, and has the capacity to transform all that hurts and all that we are.